Vol. 49 No. 1 (2021)


Editorial Article
Transport and Crime: An Account of Crimes against Women in Cabs in the Delhi/NCR Region
G.S. Bajpai and Garima Pal


Anti Human Trafficking Units (AHTU): Critical Analysis of Experiences and Opinions of Functionaries’
Rajkamal Ajmeri and Leena V. Mehta

Transnational Gold Smuggling in Chennai International
Airport: A Content Analysis
R. M. Arivazhagan and Dr. Syed Umarhathab

Analysis of Indian Legal Framework for Protecting Children’s Online Privacy Against Select Emerging Information Technology Challenges
Anand N. Raut

Anxiety Among Police during Covid-19 Panademic
Janaki. M. C. and Anilkumar. S

An Analysis of Interaction between Victims of Domestic Violence and
their Advocates in Jodhpur
Laksheeta Choudhary and Rufus D

‘Power-Over’ versus ‘Power-With’ Model of Policing in India: An Inductive Research With Reference to the Role of the Police in Pandemic
Dr Ahmed Raza

Crime Opportunity Theories and Covid-19: Lessons from Lockdowns
Stuti Rai

Book Review: Shannon E. Reid & Matthew Valasik. Alt-Right Gangs. A Hazy Shade Of White. University Of California Press. 
ISBN: 978-0520300453 (Paperback). 202 Pages. $27.50
Rajub Bhowmik and Wayne A. Wallace

Obituary: Prof. Dr. Y. C. Simhadri (1941 – 2021)
Prof. Sudhakar Yedla

Published: 2021-10-13