VOL-50, ISSUE-1, 2022



Process Oriented Intervention for Citizen-Friendly and Accountable Policing
N Swetha and Arvind Verma

Forensic DNA Profiling in India: An Emerging Human Rights Hazard”
Achin Jana and Kavita Singh

Profiling Offenders and Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Materials (CSAM) in India
Shivalaxmi Arumugham and Beulah Shekhar

Pre-Trial Role of Judicial Magistrate: A Survey of Recent Supreme Court Rulings
Neeraj Tiwari

Fear of Crime and Its Measurement: A Literature based Appraisal
Mithilesh Narayan Bhatt and Shachi Barot

Victim-Sensitive Approach and Legislative Framework in India
Garima Pal and Anand N. Raut

State’s Response to Radicalization in Maharashtra, India: A Critical Assessment
Ankit Kaushik

Trends of Banking Frauds in India: Critical Study based on Statistical Data
Surya Prakash Singh and Deo Narayan Singh

Marital Rape in India: Need for Criminalization
Abhinav Mehrotra

Experiences of Social Workers in Prison Settings in India
Smriti Sikri and Lakshya Kadiyan